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How time flies

November 13, 2012

We have been very conspicuous by our absence, sorry for that. We have been very busy lately plus a round of the dreaded cold virus.

Well to catch up will take a while so get a cup of tea sit and relax. 

Last you heard we had paid for our new goat. Well we now have Jade, and she is a totally different personality than Lecy. She is more vocal, curious and very pushy. She has become the boss in the goat shed and tries to be the boss of us all. Jade often insists that she needs to be feed more than Lecy, and if we don’t she has no qualms about stealing it. Lecy takes it with quite a bit of grace and just lets Jade eat. However, we do not want that, as Lecy is our milking goat and Jade is yet to have kids and start milking. 

On that note Jade is really filling out and it is lovely again to watch the new life grow within her and to see her getting bigger. They should arrive within about a month so lovely little goat kids for Christmas time. Yay.

In the mean time to fill the baby animal gap as all the baby rabbits have gone to the pet store as well, we bought a calf. Our daughter Meg named him Bruce. He is only a week old and already as big as the goats. Bruce gets feed a bottle 2 times a day at the moment and Meg is quite enjoying the job of feeding him. We are having a marvelous time watching the antics of the baby calf as apposed the the baby sheep and goats we have have previously. He is a lot stronger and my word what a huge tongue, and he sure does know how to slobber with it. He loves his bottle and comes up to have it, and after he has finished he takes a kind or circuit around the yard bouncing and playing. 

Although Bruce is going to end up in the freezer, we all have no attachment issues because we know the cute 40kg Hereford cross calf, bears little resemblance to the half ton or more steer we pray he will be this time next year.

The other distraction that has kept us from updating you all, is that we also got our bee hive. Rick and Meg are working with them. Long, long ago, in a far off place, ( as Rick puts it) when Rick was at school he helped keep the bees at the school Ag plot. For the 2 decades that have passed since then he has wanted to again, and now we have some.

Bees are really the most fascinating creatures of all God’s creation, an hour or more can be lost sitting and watching their comings and goings! Opening the hive up and inspecting their work and progress as the nectar starts to flow is exciting too.

Apart from our hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus, we really do feel like God’s children here; He has lead us from desert places into a green and pleasant land, a land flowing with milk and honey! Out of context- probably, misquoted- definitely, but nevertheless, true.

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