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Summer Eating is good.

November 18, 2013

Summer Eating is good.

Well the weather seems to be warming up finally so I made sure I had plenty of salads in the garden, for all the BBQ’s that we have during the lovely Southland Summer. Today I planted 2 more types of lettuce and some Bok Choy to have in some light summer stir fries.
These are just simple raised beds, in pallet boxes. All we did was layer down a thick layer of newspaper than lots of half composted goat manure and them some fully composted soil and garden matter. Lots of food for the fast growing lettuces.
I now have 3 types of lettuces in ready for some yummy salads. In the photo you can also see 3 of my borlotti bean plants, I am looking forward to a lovely harvest of beans this year to dry and store for winter cooking.
Over the next few weeks it is a good idea to do progressive planting of salad plants for continuous harvesting over the summer months and into Autumn.
Happy Gardening.

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