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Easter break.

April 24, 2014

A valid excuse to eat chocolate till you feel sick, isn’t that what Easter is about? Some seem to think so. For us it is the most important time of the year, a time to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made to save us. A time to spend with family and rejoice in the Risen Lord. A time for both reflection and joy. 

Don’t get me wrong an excuse to eat chocolate who doesn’t love that. 

It just so happened that this year Mr Butlers birthday was the day before Good Friday. In family tradition we had birthday persons choice for tea, well  very glad that is a once a year thing, he chose Kentucky Fried chicken. Very happy not to eat that again for another 12 months. First bite is nice but then the fat sets in and you feel a bit sickly.  But I did manage to bake a French Chocolate Sliver Cake for his birthday cake so that made up for all the KFC. It a deliciously rich dense cake with chocolate ganache smothered on top. Yummy. Fabulous for a special birthday.

I have been cooking loads of Mediterranean food and yummy curries, this one is a couscous and spicy lamb dish.

With homemade yogurt on top. Image

Isn’t it funny as you get older your tastes change and you appreciate so many more flavors, I think 20 years ago if I had tried to feed this to Mr Butler he may of thought me mad. Now he requests food like this all the time, no longer content to be just a meat and 3 veg man. I love the opportunity that gives me to experiment with all sorts of different cultures foods. For lunch today we had a home corned beef and pickles, sourdough and sauerkraut, topped of with some dutch mustard and you have a very happy hubby.


Lovely corned beef we did at home from local pasture feed meat. Just the right amount of fat in it to stay moist and tasty.


With so much to do lately I decided it was time to make a big batch of granola to have for a quick breakfast, what I didn’t count on was that the recipe I used would nearly fill my 5 litre jar. This lovely crunchy looking granola ended up being about 3 litres. I think that should keep me going for a while, even with the inevitable snacking that has been going on. It is quite irresistible just sitting atop the fridge there. The crunch of almonds, puffed quinoa  and oats all toasted with some of our very own honey who can blame me for the odd handful during the day.

I do hope your Easter time was enjoyable and full of chocolate.




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