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Baking, acts of love.

April 3, 2014


The way I see it, baking is an act of love.  You may not actually eat what you bake for your family( I often don’t) but you bake for them
My family loves chocolate cake so I endeavour  to find and bake the best chocolate cake ever!  This one I`m told is quite good.
On occasion  I will bake a low sugar gluten free cake for me , but usually I bake for loved ones.
What are your emotions about baking? 


Harvest time.

March 24, 2014

To tie in with autumn harvest,  the Environment Centre where I volunteer holds a festival to celebrate.  Harvest time is both a busy and rewarding time in the garden and kitchen.  A time to reflect on the success or failure of crops and to have fun preserving things for yummy eating during the darker cold winter. 
I had a display of what you can do to provide for your self and family no matter what size your backyard. 


Finger licking good.

March 17, 2014

Roast chicken,  herb butter rub with kale stuffing.  Succulent and tasty. Thanks to “Not Quite Nigella”.
What do you think,  does it look yummy,  would you try a vegetable only stuffing in your roast chicken? 


What I learnt from this is that it is hard to rub butter all over a slippery chicken.  The butter didn’t want to stay on the legs,  note to self dry skin properly and baste during cooking to ensure even colouring of the skin. 


March 16, 2014

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Onward and upward.

March 15, 2014

Well so the saying goes “Onward and Upward”. To this end we have decided to move upward, that is North. From the very south we are moving 1.5 hours north. 

It came as a bit of a surprise, we had not expected for everything to happen so quickly or to find the right place.

Rick has quit his job and we will be moving during the end of June to a a different way of life. No more shift work and no more city life. We have taken a farm job and will be living 30 minutes out of a more country town in Southland. We can certainly see Gods hand in this as it all unfolded, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise but did. We had made the decision to look elsewhere for a job that didn’t have shift work and would be  better health and family life. But the path that lead down was unexpected, we will be working on a dairy farm, milking cows and doing general farm work.

Certainly no shift work , and outdoors( good for your health) and lots of time with family. Having to get up to cows at 5 in the morning is not everyone’s cup of tea but certainly will be ours. The goats and all the animals will come along and I’m sure if they knew the brand new homes that await they would be very excited too. Paddocks for goats and chickens and new digs for the rabbits well perhaps no digging but new homes and a run for them. The bees get to have a whole new banquet and the dog and cats all have new and exiting places to hide and run.

Our girls will have new things to do and learn, younger girl gets to go to a new school and older one will perhaps learn other farming things.

We still will live by our general homesteading principals, and definitely more so since there is no shop down the road. Lots to learn and appreciate about being in the country.



On the hunt.

February 24, 2014

The great thing about being a cat with human who have a big garden is the chance to go bug hunting. Percy the kitten thinks its great to hide and pounce on unsuspecting bugs in the garden.

Busy buzzy bees

January 14, 2014

Went to check our hive that is out in native bush area.
Massive amounts of bees and new queen cells.
Great timing as we needed a new queen for another hive and we got a quite decent split from that hive as well.
Out where that hive is it is quite sheltered and lots for them to eat so they don’t appear to have been suffering as badly with the awful weather we have been having.
A nice shot of all the bees.

The Tui also came out to greet us.